Pay it Forward

For every Event you hire us, Seven Ivory Brides will help coordinate an event free for people who are in need. Pay it Forward!

We are proud to be the only Event Planning Company that specializes in Cultural and Fusion Weddings & Events serving the Washington, DC and Mid Atlantic areas. Our mission is to plan, coordinate & design an unforgettable event that is a reflection of everything that defines you. We believe that honoring your cultural heritage and traditions should not mean having to compromise your personal style and taste. We support our clients through our dedication, impeccable professionalism and deep respect for their religious beliefs, customs, and orientation.    FAQ


Our Services

How could we claim to coordinate exquisitely unique weddings that are tailored to your lifestyle, if all that we offered were the same cookie cutter packages as the rest? Well, that is why we don’t. Our services are tailored around each couple we represent.

  • For the Do-It-Yourself Bride who has checked everything off her list, but still needs a Wedding Day Coordinator to ensure that all her plans will be carried out exactly the way she envisioned: ($900 -$1500)
  • For the bride who has started the process but is feeling overwhelmed, or just needs a professional to review what she has already done to make sure nothing important was missed: ($1500 -$2500)
  • For the bride with a hectic schedule looking for a stress-free wedding planning experience or the out-of-town bride planning her wedding in the DC Metro area and needing someone to remote handle the details: ($2500 – $3500)

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