• Gorgeous Gray Ball Gowns Make Great Wedding Dresses

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    Seven Ivory Brides Grey 8

    Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, made a jaw-dropping appearance recently at a movie premiere in New York City. She wore a gray ball gown – a stunning creation by Christian Dior Couture. The romantic ball gown with a gray and white tulle skirt had a bridal look.   Indeed, more than one fashion commentator figured that this splendid dress with its subtle gray color, form-fitting bodice, and full skirt might be the start of a wedding trend. After all, the ball gown […]

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  • Fusion Wedding Planner Lights Up the Loveliest Weddings

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    Lighting 8

    Seven Ivory Brides, an experienced team of fusion wedding planners in the Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland area, lights up the loveliest weddings. Wherever the venue, whatever the light fixtures, Seven Ivory Brides knows how to enhance the lighting to create a magical setting. They provide a flexibility which can be achieved only by expert and creative wedding professionals.  Light of Love  Spectacular lighting is the backdrop of every luxurious wedding. It is a significant feature which creates the perfect atmosphere by highlighting […]

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  • SIB Says:It’s Summer~New Season for Heritage Weddings

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    Heritage Wedding 7

    Seven Ivory Brides, the award-winning “Couples’ Choice” Event Planning Team in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area, have shown their experience and expertise in organizing fusion weddings, cultural weddings, and celebrations for other marriages and occasions – birthday, anniversary, graduation, quinceañera, saree ceremony,…. Cultural celebrations honor tradition, highlight the strong bonds of family, and bring people together in the spirit of joy and friendship. Through the centuries, brides and grooms have continued to celebrate their culture. Yet in 2017, there […]

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  • Wedding Planner Reveals Human Face of Humanist Weddings

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    Humanist Wedding 7

        With this article, Seven Ivory Brides, fusion wedding planners in the Washington, Virginia, Maryland area, and experts in event organization, answers a sometimes-confusing question. What is a humanist wedding, and why would a couple choose this form of celebration? Humanism represents a democratic and ethical life stance which affirms that people have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their own lives. This belief promotes the building of a humane society based on natural values in […]

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  • June Brides and Bridesmaids Jump for Joy in Jubilant Style

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    Jumpsuit 8

    Seven Ivory Brides, fusion wedding planners, have noticed that formal jumpsuits (or casual styles if they fit the occasion) are an alternative fashion choice for today’s brides and bridesmaids. Luxury wedding jumpsuits are outstanding onesies which appeal to the contemporary bridal party for a variety of reasons. The Joy of Jumpsuits They provide wedding-worthy style for the bride who wants think-outside-the-box design. Jumpsuits offer the maximum in comfort, and modern designs come in an array of fabrics, patterns, and styles […]

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  • May is the Month to Celebrate Mothers of the Bride and Groom

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    Mother Wedding

    Within all the countries which celebrate Mother’s Day in May, this month is intended to honor everyone who nurtures with motherly love. As fusion wedding planners in the Washington/Virginia/Maryland area, Seven Ivory Brides would like to devote our first blog in May to mothers of brides and grooms. The SIB team has met many unforgettable mothers while providing wedding planning services for their sons and daughters. Celebrating the Corsage On May 2, 2017, the U.S. Postal Service recognized one familiar […]

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  • Dripping Chocolate Creates Year-Round Wedding Sweetness

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    Chocolate Wedding 5

    “Love is Sweet When it’s New And Even Sweeter When It’s True” And Seven Ivory Brides has seen from their vast experience in wedding planning that chocolate goes a long way in bringing year-round sweetness to marriage celebrations. Indeed, modern weddings are dripping with sweetness. The Drip Wedding Cake The romantic and whimsical “drip cake” is the latest trend in wedding cakes. These luscious creations come in all colors and styles (faux marble, rustic, boho, geometric, etc.), and they feature […]

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  • SevenIvoryBrides:April Bridal Showers Bring May Weddings

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    April Weddings 9

    There might be a few rain showers in April. The Seven Ivory Brides Event Planning Team can guarantee, however, that there will be bridal showers during this lovely spring month. Many bridal showers are held in April for May weddings. Usually, these events take place one to three months before the wedding. For May marriages, many opt for a spring bridal shower though rather than having it in February or March. Bridal Shower Gifts Shoppers can find some amazing deals […]

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  • Seven Ivory Brides: A Different Side of St. Patrick’s Day

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    St. Patricks Day Wedding 9

    Seven Ivory Brides, fusion wedding planners in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area, are experts about cultural weddings. Yet, of course, you don’t have to be an experienced event organizer to know that Irish weddings – especially St. Patrick’s Day celebrations – will have at least a smidgen (small bit) of green or much more. You might not realize, however, that not all St. Patrick’s Day weddings fit that image we have in our minds of March 17 marriages.  Seven […]

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  • Seven Ivory Brides Plans Bright Beautiful Spring Weddings

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    Bridesmaid - Copy

      Seven Ivory Brides, fusion wedding planners in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area, expects to organize many bright and beautiful spring/summer weddings in the coming months. Of course, spring wedding fashion can be all about fabulous pastels, but it can also celebrate vibrant color. We will see gorgeous dresses in bright and beautiful shades – especially for bridesmaids – during this spring season. Lively tones can work well at any type of wedding (rustic, beach, traditional, etc.). As well, the […]

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