Nitin + Fanta

Fusion (Indian + African)

Seven Ivory Brides fusion Wedding - Event Collage

A Touch of Culture

The Bride and Groom: The groom, Dr.Nitin Puri, is a critical care doctor and comes from a Hindu Punjabi background. Originally from the Ivory Coast, the beautiful bride, Fanta Toure, follows the Muslim faith. The wedding of Dr. Nitin Puri and Fanta Toure had a bit more than a “touch” of culture; it was “culture personified” with two distinct groups and their own sacred and meaningful rituals and traditions. Yet everything and everyone fused together perfectly to support and join with Nitin and Fanta on the two-day celebration of their love.

The Celebration

The Day Before : Mehndi

The day before the wedding was “mehndi” time. Mehndi refers to a traditional practice used originally in India and the Arab countries. Mehndi is a temporary skin decoration used especially for events with sacred, cultural, and symbolic connotations. In Punjabi tradition, the last major function before the wedding is the mehndi which takes place in a party atmosphere.

Everyone enjoyed this artistic gathering and appreciated all the meaning and tradition associated with it. Fanta’s family had an amazing time. They loved the intriguing designs and this timeless art of decoration.

But the “day before” didn’t end with mehndi. Everyone enjoyed lots of fun with picnic-style celebration in a relaxed atmosphere. And then… along came the music; African drum performers who drummed and danced to perfection. These energetic performers and their fast drum beats made for a thrilling show. Excellent entertainment!

The Wedding Day : Nitin and Fanta’s Ceremony

The most beautiful ceremony took place inside a charming gazebo in the middle of a lovely lake at the Meadowlark Botanical Garden in Vienna, Virginia. The groom’s side of the family arrived at the ceremony in “baraat” style. With a traditional Indian wedding, the marriage procession of the groom’s side of the family is called “baraat.” The people in the procession are referred to as the baraati.

The bride’s family and their side of the guests enthusiastically welcome their arrival. This family procession has a very deep and touching significance. The idea of the baraat is to develop a strong bond between both families.

Seven Ivory Brides fusion Wedding - Multi culture wedding planning

Fabulous Fun

Nitin and Fanta’s reception was held in the Atrium of the Meadowlark Botanical Garden. Following the super fun events (mehndi, picnic, African music and dance) from the Day Before, the fun theme continued into the wedding day reception. A night of dancing to all the super hits of Indian and African music followed their touching wedding ceremony. The party was just “celebration plus” and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. The cultural dress of the wedding party and guests added such fabulous color, spectacular fashion, and significant tradition to this event.

Photo Booth

One popular activity at the mehendi and reception was the Self-Photo Booth. Guests used remote control to take their own pictures. The result was an interesting mix and wide range of photos. The Photo Booth saw everything from great group and family pictures to posed dance moves, spontaneous hugs, lots of funny faces – and a few who turned their backs on the camera also provided us with more hilarious photos. All in all – wonderful memories from this awesome wedding reception.

Meeting the Challenge

Seven Ivory Brides planned and coordinated Nitin and Fanta’s wedding but we only had two months to arrange this event. Although two months might seem like a long period – it isn’t in the wedding planning world. Take it from Seven Ivory Brides – planning a wedding takes time.  Our team didn’t have a lot of time in this instance and but we made up for that with extra effort. As well, our challenge was not only to be ready on schedule but Seven Ivory Brides wanted to bring both very different groups together under one roof for the most extraordinary celebration.

In the end, everything came together and both side of the family was especially impressed with our team’s organizational abilities. And we think that we met the challenge to the highest degree. At least, Nitin and Fanta thought so – and our couples’ opinions really matter to Seven Ivory Brides.

Fanta and Nitin: “We would not have had a wedding without you or may be we would have had a disorganized mess. Thanks for going above and beyond with us. We hope to hang out again soon love Fanta + Nitin”

Seven Ivory Brides: Thank you, Fanta and Nitin, for your kind words. You were a wonderful couple to work with and the Seven Ivory Brides team thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Wishing you all the best in life!

Behind the Scenes

Despite the time challenges, planning this wedding was a positive experience for Seven Ivory Brides. Nitin and Fanta are a really terrific couple. When we first talked to Fanta on the phone, we heard this angelic voice – and she did not disappoint in person. Fanta is an extremely pleasant person with a really fun personality. Nitin is a very friendly and understanding gentleman. Sometimes after an event, we cross paths again with our clients and continue to enjoy a respectful and friendly connection in our community. Maybe we will connect for charity projects or additional events. In this instance, however, a real friendship developed between our Seven Ivory Brides’ founder and Fanta as well as Nitin. Often all of them meet up together to have a friendly chat and catch up on one another’s news.

Seven Ivory Brides just loves to see good things and good feelings flow from our events. And on one level or another, that is what happens with a Seven Ivory Bride Event – whether it is an ecstatic couple starting a new life, two families bonding together, the benefits of a Pay It Forward Project, or a new friendship. Seven Ivory Brides always brings something special to people’s lives.

Favorite Moment

Seven Ivory Brides always struggles trying to choose a favorite moment from each event. So many amazing moments stick out in our memory!

With this exquisite wedding rather than choosing a specific moment (although there were countless marvelous ones), Seven Ivory Brides wanted to highlight the overall essence of this unforgettable occasion. Nitin and Fanta’s wedding was a coming together of two different cultures, families, and personalities in one lovely fusion celebration full of life, laughter, and love.

Lasting Inspiration

Even after numerous successful planning experiences in our portfolio, Seven Ivory Brides continues to be inspired by each event. Whatever the occasion, every event leaves a lasting and memorable impression on our entire team. Seven Ivory Brides was most inspired at this wedding by the couple themselves and the love which surrounded them. Two unique and wonderful individuals from different cultures came together in a bond of love.

And may we add – different personalities - although both are exceptional people. But Seven Ivory Brides did notice a few differences :). Our team would never ever tell “tales out of school” but we know in this case that Nitin and Fanta are ok with it.

Well, here’s the inside scoop on our lovely couple. When it came to appointment times, Nitin would always arrive before time. On the other hand, Fanta…let’s just say…Fanta would arrive…at some point :). The bottom line is love conquers all and two different personalities can blend as one fantastic union. If two entities in a couple were exactly the same, we think that would make for a very boring marriage. And to give Fanta credit, she showed up on time when it counted most – on her wedding day. Fanta, we all love you a lot!

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“Two people of similar nature can never get along, it takes two opposites to harmonize.” ― Ram Mohan

We think this couple will make beautiful music. It was very evident at their wedding how much love, caring, and support was there for them. Just one example – the groom’s friends were super helpful at the event. It was just so obvious what a strong bond Nitin and Fanta have with their friends and family – and this flows as well from their own open and welcoming attitude. And that is why Seven Ivory Brides feels that this couple has provided our team with moments and memories of lasting inspiration.

Congratulations, Nitin & Fanta!

“Be thankful for the beautiful moment. 

Be thankful for the gift of today. 

Be thankful for how far you have reached.”

― Lailah Gifty Akita

Content courtesy: Mary T @ Seven Ivory Brides

Photo credits: Nicole Cordier Photography

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