Great Events Just Don't Happen, They are Planned!

Why choose Seven Ivory Brides?

We are dedicated to providing excellent service based on honest advice and professional expertise. Our primary concern is to coordinate and execute every detail according to your wishes so that you can relax and enjoy your day. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond our clients’ expectations, which is why we have assembled and tested only the very best professionals in the business to make sure your big day is orchestrated flawlessly.

What types of cultural weddings do you plan?


We have experience in planning a variety of ethnic and contemporary American weddings and events. While we cannot claim to run the full gamut of expertise in every culture’s marriage traditions, we certainly understand when customs govern the way marriage vows are exchanged. With an appreciation of how each culture’s marriage traditions affect many different components, we support a growing number of clients through our professionalism, religious sensitivity and deep respect for the diversity and beauty in each and every culture.
We understand and provide invaluable solutions to the complexities and nuances that can arise with ethnic weddings—which may not be so common in western ones, such as:

  • Elaborate pre and post wedding festivities
  • Attention to detail and adherence to rules that are key to performing certain ceremonies
  • Procedures and rituals that lead up to the actual wedding ceremony
  • Logistical aspects which may involve obtaining additional permits and venue accommodations
  • Multilingual staff to assist family members and guests

Do I need a Wedding Coordinator?

Hiring a professional means having a set of eyes and ears to double check what you’ve already done as well as think about questions that may never cross your mind until it’s too late. Regardless of size, weddings are full-scale productions and most people have never planned or managed an event of this magnitude or importance. You’ve spent a lot of time planning the details of this day (and even longer dreaming about this day) why leave it up to chance?

I have family and friends that want to help out, why not just let them do this for me?


Simply put, experience and peace of mind.

  •  While your family and friends mean well, you have to ask yourself if they can really pull it off without prior knowledge or experience about the best ways to get things done and how to handle unexpected issues when they arise.
  • We all have family members that are very, well, let’s call them “opinionated”. Putting them in leadership roles could result in their ideas being reflected on the wedding day and not necessarily yours.
  • The responsibility of the entire wedding is too big for just one person to handle; you will have to distribute tasks among several people. Ultimately, you will end up being responsible for keeping track of who is doing what and making sure that all of the moving pieces fit together the way you envisioned. Now imagine doing all of this while trying to get ready for your big day and staying calm!
  • Family and friends are guests first, volunteers last. Give them and yourself the gift of enjoying the festivities without the stress of handling all of the details!

Can I afford a Wedding Planner?


Just like your wedding is uniquely yours, our pricing is truly tailored to your wedding. At Seven Ivory Brides, we believe that everyone deserves to have the wedding or event of their dreams, regardless of budget, time, or other limitations. Therefore, no budget is too big or too small. All of our services are fully customizable, which ensures you will get all the help you need at a price you can afford.
We work with all of our clients because we know that hiring a Wedding Coordinator is not a luxury, but a necessity. You don’t get a do-over on your wedding. Your investment is for your peace of mind. Request a Free Estimate

Will I lose control of my wedding?

Absolutely not! With your inspiration and our guidance, we work together to bring your vision to life. Your distinct personality, ideas and taste are of the utmost importance to us, which is why getting to know you is the beginning of our successful partnership. We offer advice, speak up if we see a conflict in your plans and serve a second set of eyes. We’re not planning your wedding; we’re coordinating your details.

This sounds like everything I’ve been looking for! What’s the next step?

Please contact us for your complimentary consultation. We can discuss your wedding vision, what you need help with, and how our services fit into your day. Or you can request a free estimate by clicking here
Request a Free Estimate

What is Pay It Forward program?


As the only event planning company specializing in cultural and fusion weddings and events within the Washington, DC, and Mid-Atlantic areas, Seven Ivory Brides with its “Pay It Forward” program will offer one free event to a couple or individual, family, or a non-profit group in need for every event that we get hired for during the year. So 50% of our business plus the 100% passion and caring of our entire team goes into the Pay It Forward initiative. We believe that business has to be about more than profit. A social conscience is a top priority for Seven Ivory Brides. Although Seven Ivory Brides specializes in weddings and events, our Pay It Forward program can apply to any event where an individual, couple, family, a non-profit group need help for a particular reason. Contact Seven Ivory Brides for more information.

Why is Seven Ivory Brides Paying It Forward?

There are no words to describe the love, hope, and joy we see at our weddings or the inspiration we get from each couple and every event. The more joyful occasions, the more good feelings – and love and kindness – go out into our world making it a better place.

Yet sometimes circumstances can prevent couples from having their dream wedding day. That’s where Seven Ivory Brides wants to step into the plan. We want to see more love…more hope.. and more dreams come true for special couples going through difficult times.

How can I help with your Pay it Forward initiatives?

If you know someone who can benefit from our new initiative, feel free to get in touch with us. Maybe you are a member of a voluntary organization or a non-profit group who feels that our Pay It Forward program could play a role in your social activism to better people’s lives. Maybe you are a vendor or volunteer who would like to get on side with us in our latest venture. You might just want direction to learn more about Pay It Forward projects. Whatever your reason or need, Seven Ivory Brides can help you with Pay It Forward plans.

Who benefits from Seven Ivory Brides Paying It Forward?

  • Everyone – those who give – those who receive! Everyone who has been part of a project, is part of one, or will be part of a Pay It Forward event. 
  • Our wedding couples and event clients who hire our services can take pleasure in the fact that their wedding or event is also helping someone else in need and has a positive impact on the community. Pay It Forward is a win-win situation.
  • In regards to the Seven Ivory Brides Pay It Forward program, we are thrilled about been able to reach out and help others.
  • The people on the receiving end will be overjoyed with the support provided. Any vendor or other party who helps us directly or indirectly will be inspired by it. The recipients of any projects which result from our hired events will be aided by this outpouring of support.
  • The list could continue… just as Pay It Forward is meant to do as it improves our society.