• May is the Month to Celebrate Mothers of the Bride and Groom

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    Mother Wedding

    Mother Weddings Bride Onelove Photography via Trendy Bride

    Within all the countries which celebrate Mother’s Day in May, this month is intended to honor everyone who nurtures with motherly love. As fusion wedding planners in the Washington/Virginia/Maryland area, Seven Ivory Brides would like to devote our first blog in May to mothers of brides and grooms. The SIB team has met many unforgettable mothers while providing wedding planning services for their sons and daughters.

    Celebrating the Corsage

    On May 2, 2017, the U.S. Postal Service recognized one familiar wedding element which has been used by mothers of brides and grooms for generations. The U.S. Postal Service issued the Celebration Corsage stamp, as well as a Celebration Boutonniere stamp.

    Of course, the main purpose of these new issues is to continue the tradition of highlighting flowers and floral design. Yet nobody can deny the connection between the corsage and mothers of newlyweds. As well, the Celebration Corsage will surely be a special touch for any related wedding correspondence.

    Mother  Weddings EconoTimes

    The featured corsage is an arrangement of ranunculus with accents of hypericum berry, Astrantia, and seed eucalyptus. It makes for a pretty picture with the soft peach, green and gray accents, and twining ribbon.

    Originally, the French word “corsage” referred to the dress bodice on which small bouquets were held with pins. The original term “bouquets de corsage” was shortened later to corsage.

    Along with boutonnieres for men, corsages were worn daily in earlier centuries especially during the 1700s-1800s. Gradually, however, they were used only on formal occasions such as by mothers of the bride and groom.

    Although many still pin the flowers to their dresses, some mothers wear wrist corsages at today’s weddings.

    Mother Wedding Bride Red Poppy Floral Design

    This mother of the bride wedding corsage features white ranunculus (the same flower displayed on the Celebration Corsage stamp in peach), blush pink spray roses, and pale pink astilbe.

    Fashionable Mothers of the Bride and Groom

    Modern mothers of the bride and groom have an array of fashion choices. They can experiment with fabrics, length, colors, and style.

    A fitted pastel shift dress with matching three-quarter-length sleeve box jacket was a standard in bridal fashion for mothers. With the flexibility of contemporary fashion, mothers can still choose this style or go with think-outside-the-box design. The wonderful thing is that they have a choice.

    Formal weddings will require elegant attire. With contemporary fashion, however, elegance does not have to mean matronly style. Today’s formal looks are fashionable at the same time.

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    Colors for Mothers

    Traditional navy is a favorite with mothers of the bride and groom. Yet it is not a dated shade. This classic color is extremely popular with all age groups for wedding attire. Seven Ivory Brides talked about flattering navy in our March article – Planning Bright and Beautiful Spring Weddings.

    Other popular colors include blush, neutrals, burgundy, lavender, silver, and various blues and greens.

    At one time, three colors were ruled out as options for mothers of the bride and groom. White was thought to compete with the bride, black was believed to be for mourning, and red was seen as a much-too-flashy shade. These colors are worn though – and successfully – at modern weddings.

    Mother Wedding Discovery StreetOf course, color traditions can differ according to culture.  Fashion for mothers also varies depending on one’s heritage. See the vibrant Korean hanbok gown in the above photo of a bride and her mother.

    Mother Wedding Groom The Knot

    Wedding Etiquette 

    Of course, wedding etiquette has something to say about mothers’ fashions. Yet in a modern laid-back atmosphere, everything doesn’t have to adhere to the norm.

    The Deciding Factor, however, is the bride and groom’s feelings and how they want to approach their wedding. Whether it is to follow every etiquette rule or ignore most or all of them, mothers of the bride and groom must take their cues from the engaged couple.

    According to tradition, the mother of the bride will contact the groom’s mother and let her know what she plans to wear at the wedding. When the mother of the groom has this information (dress color, length, and style), she can choose accordingly, and find a comfortable design for herself which suits the bridal party attire.

    This might seem an old-fashioned idea, but there was a reason behind this tradition. The hope was to avoid clashing colors and overdressing and, as well, it opened the line of communication between both mothers.

    If the mother of the bride doesn’t make direct contact with the groom’s mother, she can check with the bride or her son to see if they can help her find out the details. If nobody follows these traditional steps, then the mother of the groom can choose a suitable dress for the occasion according to her own preferences.

    Common sense is the wisest way. An evening wedding usually requires a formal gown or dress suit while, obviously, a casual look fits a beach wedding. Yet it is always advisable to run your choice by the bride before the final decision.

    It is best to start dress shopping four-six months before the wedding. This schedule allows time for alterations and fittings – and a stress-free experience. Mothers of brides and grooms want to look fabulous on this special day.

    Bonus Tip from Seven Ivory Brides ~ Fusion Wedding Planner in DC/Virginia/Maryland ~ Cultural Weddings/Day of Coordinator/Event Planning Team 

    It is best to start dress shopping four-six months before the wedding. This schedule allows time for alterations and fittings – and a stress-free experience. Mothers of brides and grooms want to look fabulous on this special day.

    Seven Ivory Brides would love to know… 

    How Would You Describe the Perfect Dress for a Mother of the Bride or Groom?

    Mother Wedding


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