Our Passion

Our Mission and Values


First and foremost, at Seven Ivory Brides we are passionate about weddings! Our goal is to help you achieve a dream wedding that is as unique as your love.


At Seven Ivory Brides, we are passionate about helping couples celebrate their wedding day in ways that are culturally meaningful and uniquely distinctive to their love and lives together. We are all different and we celebrate events that are important to us in different ways. How we celebrate each event helps us to understand who we are, and serves an expression of our family history and culture. Nonetheless, we have come to realize that in today’s growing society, regardless of ethnic background, couples are choosing to incorporate different cultures into their big day. The Traditional American wedding is still popular, but with a twist.


We also acknowledge that more and more couples who are tying the knot these days are in Multi-Cultural relationships. Unfortunately, when the bride and groom come from very different cultures it can sometimes seem more like a mish-mash of ideas rather than a harmonious melting pot. That is why when it comes to planning fusion weddings, a planner who specializes in cultural weddings can be a big help. We bring ideas and expertise on how to blend each religion, culture and custom into a beautiful, cohesive and inclusive event that sets the standard for “the new traditional white wedding”.

Marriage Equality

For the first time in history, marriage equality is passing by popular vote. We believe that love knows no boundaries and that marriage and weddings are really just about two people in LOVE. We are excited about this new chapter in wedding planning and welcome same-sex couples as they take this is incredible step towards bringing their families together in marriage.

Event Design

They happen every day – weddings, birthdays, showers, and anniversaries but celebrations are never the same. Its just a moment in time a ring embracing a finger, a candle being blown for the first time, or something as simple as thinking about all those years spent together. It’s a personal connection and we make sure we do everything that honors that connection; From making sure their big day is as special as they are to paying attention to the smallest detail on the backdrop. In every celebration that we have been, and every place that we have touched, we have tried to make it a little better than we found it. The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations. We present our Event designs through Kanita Art.