Pay It Forward

Seven Ivory Brides is pleased to announce our ‘giving’ initiative – Pay It Forward!

What is Seven Ivory Brides – Pay It Forward program? : 
As the only event planning company specializing in cultural and fusion weddings and events within the Washington, DC, and Mid-Atlantic areas, Seven Ivory Brides with its “Pay It Forward” program will offer one free event to a couple or individual, family, or a non-profit group in need for every event that we get hired for during the year. So 50% of our business plus the 100% passion and caring of our entire team goes into the Pay It Forward initiative. We believe that business has to be about more than profit. A social conscience is a top priority for Seven Ivory Brides. We hope that this idea will grow even more with each event and will hopefully inspire the deserving couple, as well as their family, friends. and wedding guests, to pay it forward in their own small way. There are no words to describe the love, hope, and joy we see at our weddings or the inspiration we get from each couple and every event. The more joyful occasions, the more good feelings – and love and kindness – go out into our world making it a better place.

Who benefits from Seven Ivory Brides Paying It Forward? : Everyone – those who give – those who receive! Everyone who has been part of a project, is part of one, or will be part of a Pay It Forward event. Our wedding couples and event clients who hire our services can take pleasure in the fact that their wedding or event is also helping someone else in need and has a positive impact on the community. Pay It Forward is a win-win situation. The people on the receiving end will be overjoyed with the support provided. Any vendor or other party who helps us directly or indirectly will be inspired by it. The recipients of any projects which result from our hired events will be aided by this outpouring of support. The list could continue… just as Pay It Forward is meant to do as it improves our society.

 How can you help with Seven Ivory Brides Pay It Forward program?: If you know someone who can benefit from our new initiative, feel free to get in touch with us. Maybe you are a member of a voluntary organization or a non-profit group who feels that our Pay It Forward program could play a role in your social activism to better people’s lives. Maybe you are a vendor or volunteer who would like to get on side with us in our latest venture. You might just want direction to learn more about Pay It Forward projects. Whatever your reason or need, Seven Ivory Brides can help you with Pay It Forward plans.

 You don’t pay love back; you pay it forward.”~  Lily Hardy Hammond