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    Seven Ivory Brides, the award-winning “Couples’ Choice” Event Planning Team in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area, have shown their experience and expertise in organizing fusion weddings, cultural weddings, and celebrations for other marriages and occasions – birthday, anniversary, graduation, quinceañera, saree ceremony,…. Cultural celebrations honor tradition, highlight the strong bonds of family, and bring people together in the spirit of joy and friendship.

    Through the centuries, brides and grooms have continued to celebrate their culture. Yet in 2017, there will be more cultural celebrations of marriage than ever before. All couples might not be giving a nod to their culture throughout the entire event. Many are, however, recognizing their heritage at certain points or with specific details on this special day.

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    Heritage Wedding 1 Duke Studio Via Truly EngagingHeritage weddings will be a definite trend during this summer wedding season and beyond to year’s end and for the foreseeable future. Modern couples are returning to their roots and carrying on traditions. For example, they can show appreciation for their heritage by using the Scottish bagpipes, having a Vietnamese Tea ceremony, or integrating another cultural ceremony.

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    As well, the bride and groom could choose to display their heritage in wedding fashion with cultural detail (including beading and embroidery), wardrobe changes, or traditional jewelry such as the Indian rani haar (long necklace set with pendant), matha patti (hair ornament), kadas (bangles), and haath phool (hand bracelet).

    The overall aesthetic can concentrate on heritage while still exhibiting contemporary style. Heritage weddings involve a meaningful fusion of the past and present. Cultural designs can be adapted to reflect modern style; they can even be represented in customized creations.

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    Besides bridal attire, heritage fashion can extend to the groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids. Cultural styles are stunning designs – whether worn by the bridal party or wedding guests.

    Behold the beautiful red and white sari with intricate floral decoration, and the summer style of a lovely anarkali suit.

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    The bride who embraces her heritage in spectacular fashion will surely portray an outstanding look.

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    Bridal Jewelry Designs ~  Courtesy of Styles at Life

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