• June Brides and Bridesmaids Jump for Joy in Jubilant Style

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    Jumpsuit 4 via Paris Ciel

    Seven Ivory Brides, fusion wedding planners, have noticed that formal jumpsuits (or casual styles if they fit the occasion) are an alternative fashion choice for today’s brides and bridesmaids. Luxury wedding jumpsuits are outstanding onesies which appeal to the contemporary bridal party for a variety of reasons.


    This airy style is perfect for a beach wedding.

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    The Joy of Jumpsuits

    They provide wedding-worthy style for the bride who wants think-outside-the-box design. Jumpsuits offer the maximum in comfort, and modern designs come in an array of fabrics, patterns, and styles to suit any occasion including a garden event, City Hall marriage, beach celebration, destination wedding, etc.

    Depending on the individual jumpsuits, brides and bridesmaids use accents, such as shoes and jewelry, to dress them up or complement a simple look.

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    Brooklyn-based Bridal Pants Designer Daniela Tabois creates lovely pieces for feminine and glamorous brides who are pants lovers and want something different for their special day. Tabois believes that the jumpsuit offers chic fashion with a subtle sexiness.

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    “It’s about feeling confident in who you are and looking your best…,” says Tabois.

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    Flattering Fashion

    Sometimes brides and bridesmaids wonder if a jumpsuit will flatter their figure. When choosing a jumpsuit, the same rule applies as to any other fashion. Every item will not suit every body type, but there is a jumpsuit to flatter everyone.

    Choose the style and cut, as well as the fabric and prints, that look best on you. Go for a structured fit with a nip in the waist and slim around the legs to create a smart appearance.

    Jumpsuit 5 Synderela com via Paris

    This custom jumpsuit will look stunning at the rehearsal dinner.

    The Occasional Jumpsuit

    If a bride doesn’t want to wear a jumpsuit for the wedding ceremony, she could choose it for the reception or event finale. They are also becoming popular for rehearsal dinners and engagement parties.

    Jumpsuit 7 Via HER

    The top of this jumpsuit can be wrapped 15 ways to suit different styles and shapes.

    For Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaid jumpsuits are a wonderful idea for brides who want to break away from tradition. This choice will make an understated style statement and give a uniform appearance to the bridal party.

    If a bride is considering jumpsuits for her bridesmaids, she should probably ask them first if they like the idea, and let them try on a few different styles. Choose the right fit and best look for each bridesmaid. After all, the bride should want her bridesmaids to be comfortable at the wedding.

    Keep in mind that the jumpsuit is a non-traditional choice, and many bridesmaids might not be familiar with their use in a formal setting. Most likely, when they see the variety of styles and get a chance to try them out, the bridal party will be smitten by this contemporary fashion.

    Jumpsuit 6 Photographer Photographer - Anna Rosell Love My Dress

    Bonus Tip from Seven Ivory Brides ~ Fusion Wedding Planner in DC/Virginia/Maryland ~ Cultural Weddings/Day of Coordinator/Event Planning Team 

    A wedding jumpsuit is a fresh and fun look. This non-traditional and inexpensive bridal attire can cost even less than $100 (or at least in the hundreds range) compared to some wedding dresses which sell for thousands. These savings could go towards the honeymoon, your new life, or a favorite charity. There is also more chance that a bride or bridesmaid will wear a jumpsuit again than a wedding dress or fancy gown.

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    Seven Ivory Brides would love to know…

    Do You Like Wedding Jumpsuits?


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    City Hall Wedding, Green Jumpsuits, and Garden Weddings ~ Via Paris Ciel

    Floral Jumpsuit ~ Via Her

    Rehearsal Dinner ~ Courtesy of Synderela. com

    Red Jumpsuits ~ Photographer Anna Rosell ~ Via Love My Dress


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