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    Seven Ivory Brides, an experienced team of fusion wedding planners in the Washington DC/Virginia/Maryland area, lights up the loveliest weddings. Wherever the venue, whatever the light fixtures, Seven Ivory Brides knows how to enhance the lighting to create a magical setting. They provide a flexibility which can be achieved only by expert and creative wedding professionals. 

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    Light of Love 

    Spectacular lighting is the backdrop of every luxurious wedding. It is a significant feature which creates the perfect atmosphere by highlighting intricate details.  

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    Romance of Candlelight 

    Votives and pillars bring a space to life. Exquisite candelabras and tapered candles are a splendid combo. Beautiful candles lend timeless beauty to every setting. 

    They can line staircases, pair with flowers, or be suspended over tables. Lots of candles create a lovely ambience and superb background for wedding photos. Make the most of candles, and you will create a fabulous look. 

    Wall of Candles 

    Within an open-floor concept, temporary walls could be put up to hold candles. This decorating idea creates flow in an area. It also allows wedding planners to construct different scenes. The candle walls can guide the guests through a venue. 

    Grand Decor 

    Chandeliers are always an elegant choice. They add an element of grandeur in dramatic style. Contemporary wedding design uses chandeliers outside the ballrooms. Indeed, they can hang from trees or light up a tent at modern marriage celebrations. 


    Light It Up 

    Light it up with uplighting – a style which creates a romantic glow in the couple’s favorite color or a shade (shades) which matches the event’s palette. As well, the uplighting could display a contrasting hue. Uplighting is a marvelous technique; it can even flood a large venue with light and color. 

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    From Start to Finish 

    Lighting can play a role at every stage of the celebration. It can begin with the couple’s entrance and an aisle decorated with candles. The newlyweds can depart with a sparkler finale.  

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    Bonus Tip from Seven Ivory Brides ~ Fusion Wedding Planner in DC/Virginia/Maryland ~ Cultural Weddings/Day of Coordinator/Event Planning Team 

    When discussing wedding design with clients, the SIB Event Planning Team considers lighting to be an important feature. There are countless options – one to suit each unique celebration. 

    Seven Ivory Brides would love to know… 

    Which Type of Lighting Would You Prefer for Weddings?

    All the photos in this article are from weddings where Seven Ivory Brides acted as Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator.


    Photo Sources:

    Bride and Groom ~ Photography: Mohaimen Kazi Photography ~ Decorator: PlatinumWeddings

    Sparkle Finale ~  George Street Photography



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